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  • drain-inspection-pipeline-cameras-uk-camscan

    CamScan Drain Camera

    This portable pipe line inspection set comprises of a rugged simple to use “look See” system that is housed in tough carry case.

  • Ranging_Poles

    Datum DRP Ranging Poles

    • DRPW2 2m HD Wooden Pole
    • DRPM2 2m HD Metal Pole
    • DRPB2 2m Bayonet Fitting
    • DRPPJ2 2m Point Jointed
  • 725566-gzr103

    Leica GZR103 Carrier

    GZR103 Carrier with optical plumb for TPS / GPS. Plummet: Optical Bubble: Yes Accuracy: 1.0mm

  • GKL22_charger_01

    Leica GKL22 Single Battery Charger

    The GKL22 (EU) is a simple, low cost normal charger (14-hour charger) for charging NiCd and NiMH (GEB70, GEB77, GEB79, GEB87, GEB187) batteries.

  • datum-type

    Datum Leica Type Target Plate

    Attach this target plate to a prism holder and carrier and tribrach for a full prism system. This target plate is designed as a Leica compatible prism accessory suitable for single prism holders.

    Target plate only supplied.

  • datum-al

    Datum AL Series

    20x Magnification / 2.5mm accuracy
    24x Magnification / 2.0mm accuracy
    28x Magnification / 1.5mm accuracy
    32x Magnification / 1.0mm accuracy

  • Data-Storage-PIC-180x180

    Data storage

    • PCMCIA SRAM Card
    • 16GB Memory Stick
  • wp160f1b58_05

    Pocket Tapes

    Available in 3m, 5m, 7m and 10m sizes

  • wpe1afd2b0_0f

    TRUMETER 5500

    The new digital Measuremeter from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented electronic design technology, Trumeter have manufactured an electronic road distance measuring wheel with more features than ever before.

  • GPS900

    Leica GPS900

    With its flexible, easy-to-use onboard software,  Leica GPS900 is the ideal solution for a wide range of jobs including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, topographic and as-built surveys. For the one-man team, Leica GPS900 is easy to setup and use.

  • db_file_img_3275_1024x1024

    Leica GPS900GG Reconditioned

  • Rugby55_product_180x180

    Leica Rugby 55

    Designed for interior – Built for construction

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