• LGN200S-photo01LGN200S-back

    Linertec LGN-200S

    Global Positioning System LGN-200S

  • GPS Systems

    Leica GPS500

    Capable of static, kinematic and real-time kinematic operation.

  • GPS900

    Leica GPS900

    With its flexible, easy-to-use onboard software,  Leica GPS900 is the ideal solution for a wide range of jobs including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, topographic and as-built surveys. For the one-man team, Leica GPS900 is easy to setup and use.

  • equip-GPS1200-1

    Leica GPS1200

    • SmartTrack+ GNSS technology/SmartTrack GPS technology
    • SmartCheck 30km RTK
    • Exceptionally rugged
    • User programmable
    • Light, modular equipment
    • GNSS Reference stations
    • Hidden points
    • ASCII input