Measuring Wheels

  • DRW1-1

    Datum DRW1 Measure Wheel


    • Easy Usage
    • Compact Folding
    • Clear Display
    • Graduated Wheel
    • Strong Carry Bag
    • 1 Year Return to Base Type Warranty (Covering Manufacturing Defects)
  • trumeter

    Trumeter 5041

    Extra rugged construction for use over agricultural land and other rough terrain including sports course management.

  • wpe1afd2b0_0f

    TRUMETER 5500

    The new digital Measuremeter from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented electronic design technology, Trumeter have manufactured an electronic road distance measuring wheel with more features than ever before.

  • db_file_img_1645_1024x10245500E

    TRUMETER 5600E

    Electronic Metric Reading Indoor Measuring Wheel. The new digital Mini Measure Revolution from Trumeter.

  • trumeter500

    TRUMETER 5000 Measure Wheel

    Professional and robust road measuring wheel with built in stand and brake.

  • db_file_img_1164_1024x1024

    Datum DDRW1 Digital Measure Wheel


    • Leading Technology
    • Bright LED Depth Indicator
    • Solar Charging Sensors
    • No Laser Required