Survey Accessories

Survey Accessories
  • DLWT2

    Datum DLWT2

    DLWT2 – Datum Lightweight Aluminium Tripod

  • DATUM_DLWT1_Lightweight_Tripod_m

    Datum DLWT1


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    Prism Systems

    A comprehensive range of prism systems are available that are compatible with leading manufacturers instrumentation.

  • glasses

    Laser Glasses

    Datum Laser Glasses provide an enhanced, clearer view of the Laser Beam in brighter lighting conditions.

    It should be noted that they are NOT designed to be Safety Glasses, and should not be used as such.

  • db_file_img_1138_1024x1024 (1)

    Datum Wall/Trim Mount

    Datum Wall and Trim mounts provide a stable location to site your Laser. Strong Clamps or screw mounting holes hold the clamp in place while a 5/8” height adjustable mounting plate sites the Laser instrument.

  • wp55e4bd71_05_06

    Column Clamps

    Datum Column Clamps are heavy duty steel units with strong ratchet straps, 5/8” thread mounts and a lockable rising stem with circular plate area to mount the Laser.

  • wp88594ed6_05_06


    Datum Remote Control units are available for the TRIO, QUATTRO and DUO (certain models ) ranges of Lasers and assist in setting the Laser speed, scan and grade or slope match functions.

  • wp70c580df_05_06


    Datum Laser Detectors are available for both red and green beam rotating Lasers, and have dual sided displays for ease of use. Also available is a PULSE beam detector for use with our DPL Series Line Lasers.

  • wp5e3085a0_06


    Designed to match the battery packs to provide safe and reliable charging at the correct volts and amps to help prolong battery life and maintain battery capacity.

  • GEB241_PIC_180x180


  • Data-Storage-PIC-180x180

    Data storage

    • PCMCIA SRAM Card
    • 16GB Memory Stick