Topcon GTS-211 Series Reconditioned


Topcon GTS-211 Series Reconditioned

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Product Description

Topcon’s GTS-211 Series can stand up to any “Wet-Weather” condition that can occur in the field. The benefit is that you will experience no down-time on the job due to inclement weather.

Degree of protection against water for Topcon’s new GTS-210 Series is based on the standard IEC529, defined as “Water projected in powerful jets” against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. (IPX6)

Minimum reading Angle measurement accuracy Maximum measurement distance Distance measurement accuracy Automatic compensator
GTS-211D 1″/5″








Internal Memory

As an enhanced operation in the field, in addition to waterproofness, the internal memory stores up to 2,400 points in the GTS211D/212 for data recording and layout. Data transfer to personal computer is possible with the interface cable.

Enhanced Measuring Distance

The GTS-211D, maximum distance measuring range has improved to 1,100m/1 prism, maintaining high accuracy of 3mm + 2ppm.


Horizontal 0 Detection

With this function, no need for horizontal angle orientation after turning ON/OFF of the power. The horizontal orientation is kept in memory after power off.

Condition Rating: 6/10

Includes: Topcon GTS-211D,   battery, charger, case

*Unit is calibrated within manufacturer spec.

Dual Axis Compensator

The GTS-211D provides a liquid type dual axis compensator for vertical and horizontal angle compensation.


Data Communication Port

An RS-232C port for use with a data collector is ideally located at the base sec