Trumeter 5041

Extra rugged construction for use over agricultural land and other rough terrain including sports course management.

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Product Description

The Trumeter 5041Land Measurer is a high-grade land measuring wheel, which is superbly balanced and durable, making it ideal for prolonged and heavy use.

The Land Measurer has a tremendously large circumference measuring wheel that ensures the greatest accuracy over rough terrain.  It has a quality, robust construction with a solid tyre fitted.  The heavy duty counting head is fitted directly to the wheel, is clear and easy to read with large 7mm high characters. The Trumeter 5041 also has a scraper to prevent mud build up on the wheel. The analogue readout adds when going forwards, subtracts in reverse.


  • Heavy duty solid tyre fitted to large diameter spoke wheel
  • Metric, imperial or a dual reading counter is available
  • Heavy duty counting head fitted directly to the wheel
  • Five figure counting head, 7mm high figures
  • Scraper preventing mud build-up on the wheel
  • Adds forward subtracts in reverse